A monthly round-up of the best Grime & Dubstep out each and every month — here are February 2022’s picks. Album of the Month: ONHELL – ‘Grime Beats, Vol.II’ (Deep, Dark & Dangerous) Warn the neighbours Highlights  1. Devotion 2. Learn Spanish 3. Tepido Mercato The second in ONHELL’s series of transatlantic grime excursions isContinue reading “— GRIME & DUBSTEP MONTHLY ™ —”


A monthly round-up of the best Grime & Dubstep out each and every month — here are January 2022’s picks. Album of the Month: Footsie – ‘King Original Vol.6’ (Braindead Entertainment) Consistent as gravity  Highlights 1. Sweaty Betty 2. Bere Stabs 3. Wash Up The years might keep on rolling by, but Footsie keeps onContinue reading “— GRIME & DUBSTEP MONTHLY ™ —”

— Elijah —

On Skilliam, Butterz, Jamaica, London, community, curation, radio, technology, daily thoughts, legacy, breaking down borders and the future of music. Just before we spoke for this piece, Elijah sent me a link to an interview we’d done for Hyponik back in 2014. The title? ‘I’d Rather DJ In Kent Than Idaho: In Conversation With Elijah’.Continue reading “— Elijah —”

— Mez —

On grime, Nottingham, hustle, confidence, Lord Of The Mics, ‘Tyrone’, artist vs MC, moments vs process, working with Grandmixxer and coming into his own on new EP, ‘One Uncle’. “I could kinda complain a little bit but complaining ain’t really gonna get me anywhere”, says Mez nonchalantly as we begin our conversation late on SundayContinue reading “— Mez —”

Chantelle Fiddy

On life in the country, grime, journalism, club nights, 679 Recordings, management, pressure, identity, community, trusting the process and scaling up with Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson and TRENCH Magazine. “PS hope you feel better don’t burn out!!! Ironic coming from me tbh”, reads Chantelle Fiddy’s message on Saturday morning. We’d been trying to arrange an interviewContinue reading “Chantelle Fiddy”

— Swindle —

On South London, Butterz, ‘Do The Jazz’, touring with Mala, travel, belief systems, collaboration, love, energy, care, battling racism and shaping THE NEW WORLD on his forthcoming new album. Peace, love and music are three words that have become synonymous with Swindle over the best part of the last 10 years. An extraordinary music-maker andContinue reading “— Swindle —”


A temporary home for monthly Mixmag Grime & Dubstep reviews while the magazine remains out of print — here are June’s picks. Album of the Month: One Bok – ‘Zodiac Beats Volume 1 & 2’ (AP Life) One of 2021’s defining releases Highlights 1. Capricorn 2. Nine Saturn 3. Leo Bok Bok dons a newContinue reading “— GRIME & DUBSTEP MONTHLY™ —”