— Joe Walker II —

Part Two of a special interview with Joe Walker — walking through his career since joining Reprezent Radio in 2017, here he is on Beats 1, working with Julie Adenuga and Rebecca Judd, The Sunday Roast, grief, anxiety, his kinship with Scully and launching new podcast, International Clearance. If Reprezent Radio was Joe Walker’s provingContinue reading “— Joe Walker II —”

— Joe Walker —

Part One of a special two-part interview with Joe Walker — Here he is on South London, music, football, Crystal Palace FC, identity, RWD Magazine, Reprezent Radio, social media, self-improvement and finding his voice. Some people might know the name Joe Walker from RWD Magazine. Some from Reprezent Radio, where he broadcasts a Monday eveningContinue reading “— Joe Walker —”

— object blue —

On London, Beijing, VPNs, Tower Records, family, reading, piano, techno, love, music as salvation and exploring the concept of home on new EP, ‘Grotto’. It’s Thursday evening and object blue is sat at her computer. She’s leaning back, sunken into her chair and dusty orange flickers of light are splintering through the window behind her.Continue reading “— object blue —”


A temporary home for monthly Mixmag Grime & Dubstep reviews while the magazine remains out of print — here are February’s picks. Album of the Month: Jammz – ‘Free Up The Riddims Volume 3’ (I Am Grime) Essential Highlights 1. 3rd Sunday Service 2. Slippington Road 3. Format (Shottas Riddim) Jammz lets another 10 stellarContinue reading “— GRIME & DUBSTEP MONTHLY™ —”

— Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson —

On grime, bassline, church, ChockABlock, MTV’s The Wrap-Up, Complex UK, TRENCH and how raving opened doors (and his eyes!) to a career in music. If you’re not familiar with the name Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson, chances are you’ll have visited one of the websites he edits, read one of his articles or been to one ofContinue reading “— Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson —”

— Jossy Mitsu —

On growing up in Birmingham, ’90s compilations, long hours at fabric and The Nest, studying Biology at UCL, Rinse FM, Astral Black and honing her skills on upcoming debut EP, ‘Planet J’. It’s been a challenging 12 months for Jossy Mitsu. A talented, hi-energy and explosive DJ behind the decks but quiet, introspective and thoughtfulContinue reading “— Jossy Mitsu —”


A temporary home for monthly Mixmag Grime & Dubstep reviews while the magazine remains out of print — here are January’s picks. Album of the Month: Silkie – ‘Panorama’ (Deep Medi Musik) Where to even even start? Highlights 1. Did You Know 2. Ring Mod 3. Equine Piper Compiled over the best part of twoContinue reading “— GRIME & DUBSTEP MONTHLY ™ —”